Journey into imaginal realms
Journey into imaginal realms
Enter into artful beauty NADAZUL Journey into imaginal realms & iconic spaces
Enter into artful beautyNADAZULJourney into imaginal realms & iconic spaces

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Explorations into new ground

The essential metaphoric groundwork for creating imaginal realms is offered in creative workshops as an experiential journey to delve into unseen, uncharted frameworks that bring forth one's creative potential. 


It is about the journey into the discovery of imaginal planes and realms of divine intelligence and creative imagination. It is to enter into a territory of dazzling discontinuity for creating visions, and tapping into the life force of possibility integrates the pools of upward and downward spirals of divine potential for the exploration of one's inner creativity.


 "The in-between is neither heaven nor earth, neither invisible nor visible, neither spirit nor body, but an imaginal isthmus". W Chittick


"One must pass through the portal of detachment

into new horizons

leaving something of the old self behind.

Seen from this perspective

life looks like a never-ending pilgrimage

toward the ever-receding horizons

of awakenings"

Pir Vilayat Khan

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NADAZUL GALLERY EXHIBIT for the month of November 2021The Event: Come Honor Your Dead. A Ritual of Remembrance

Dates  Nov 5  – Dec 5,  2021  Noon to 6 PM

Location : In the River Arts District / Nadazul Gallery #6  at Foundation Studios

27 Foundy St  Asheville NC


Come Honor Your Dead. A Ritual of Remembrance


Autumn a time of remembrance, a time to experience nature’s sublime mystery of letting go, a time where falling is as a great symphony of leaves and colors as nature transforms into a vast array of breathtaking beauty and decay. A reminder of the impermanence of our human condition.


This exhibit is a collaboration of works on Death and dying, offering rituals to acknowledge death and its role in our culture through art, spirit, and community.


Our goal is to bring to our community a journey, a ritual exhibit whose purpose is healing for all our relations, our lost loves, and friends, our loss of communities, jobs, and social norms. The Event is part inspired by the memorial celebration of The Day of the Dead (SpanishDía de Muertos) i.e a Mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures and through engaged art and landscapes/soulscapes. The experience provides a poetic space for the imagination and honors the essence of the Day of the Dead, of memorials, of art forms of Memento Mori, of objects to engage remembering, that brings comfort and gratitude. An Altar embodies transition, channels the death experience to create solace. Visitors can offer small written notes to those who are gone as a way of letting their love find acknowledgment and a resting place, leaving the note in our coffin. Our mission is to inspire conversations about a death positive culture and what we are calling art and death literacy.


This new exhibit space Nadazul’s gallery in the Foundation explores relational art forms, words and space as an entering the soul-scape visual interplay, a liminal entry into our current period with the new Memento Mori and Day of the Dead arts.


Maria Epes.

Maria is a feminist artist working in the media, art installation, sculpture, printmaking, and works on paper and artists’ books. Her specific focus is on expressions of the body, in life and in death, with concern for the equality of women and the acceptance of death as part of life, striving for art to heal and inform the sacred, often through the participation in ritual. Her work has been exhibited and cataloged internationally at venues including The National Museum of Women in the Arts, MOMA New York, ABC No Rio, Ceres Gallery, Franklin Furnace, La Mama La Galleria, and is represented in the Feminist Art Database at the Brooklyn Museum. She holds a B.F.A. from Cornell University and M.F.A. from California College of the Arts and is based in Asheville, North Carolina.  


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Scheduled for Nov 2021  an Engaged art and spirit encounter at the Nadazul Gallery

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