Journey into imaginal realms
Journey into imaginal realms
Enter into artful beauty NADAZUL Journey into imaginal realms & iconic spaces
Enter into artful beautyNADAZULJourney into imaginal realms & iconic spaces


Explorations into new ground

The essential metaphoric groundwork for creating imaginal realms is offered in creative workshops as an experiential journey to delve into unseen, uncharted frameworks that bring forth one's creative potential. 


It is about the journey into the discovery of imaginal planes and realms of divine intelligence and creative imagination. It is to enter into a territory of dazzling discontinuity for creating visions, and tapping into the life force of possibility integrates the pools of upward and downward spirals of divine potential for the exploration of one's inner creativity.


 "The in-between is neither heaven nor earth, neither invisible nor visible, neither spirit nor body, but an imaginal isthmus". W Chittick


"One must pass through the portal of detachment

into new horizons

leaving something of the old self behind.

Seen from this perspective

life looks like a never-ending pilgrimage

toward the ever-receding horizons

of awakenings"

Pir Vilayat Khan

Lafayette LA


In Lafayette LA 2019

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