Journey into imaginal realms
Journey into imaginal realms
Enter into artful beauty NADAZUL Journey into imaginal realms & iconic spaces
Enter into artful beautyNADAZULJourney into imaginal realms & iconic spaces

Creative Imagination+poetry+ musings 

A holding bin / yin yang playground / poetry/stuff

The Portal into Nada:                                                                                 Neo Momento Mori is an adaptive death positive artform to engage in the conversation for awakening a peaceful contemplation of the transcience of all things and shares with some of the attributes of Wabi-Sabi.                                                                                                                                                DEATH LITERACY                                                                                     Death literacy is defined as a set of knowledge and skills that make it possible to gain access to understand and act upon end-of-life and deathcare options. People, and communities, with high levels of death literacy, have context-specific knowledge about the death system and the ability to put that knowledge into practice. Positioned within a public health framework, death literacy is considered an outcome of people’s experiences of and learnings about, death and dying. Death literacy also appears to be a resource that individuals and communities can use for their own benefit strengthening their capacity for future caring.


The Spirit of ART

Sri Aurobindo

Art; the aesthetic being of man rises on its own curve toward its diviner possibilities. The highest aim of the aesthetic being is to find the divine through beauty; the highest art is that which by an inspired use of significant and interpretive form unsealed the doors of the spirit. But in order that it may come to do this greatest thing largely and sincerely, it must first endeavor to see and depict man and nature and life for their own sake, in their own characteristic truth and beauty; for behind these first characters lies always the beauty of the Divine in life and man and In nature and it is through their just transformation that what was at first veiled by them has to be revealed.


Access to gain entry into nada. This is the portal through which to enter the planes of Nada

It is called the practice of the SWITCH – that moves from complexity towards essence. The organizing principle body/mind/self migrating into silence breath into heart currents fields of imaginal space "the awakened heart body mind ego" peeking into bliss consciousness. "He is both the seer and that through which he sees."ibn Arabi


Nadazul ramblings

"The poet is the light and wind and holy thing and there is no intention in him until he's been inspired and is out of his senses and the mind is no longer in him". Socrates

Catch a poem Breath & Poetry


Why poetry, because the poetics of words are embedded as your truth, the mind breaths intersecting with signs juxtaposing with the image.




When Juxtaposing an impression then allowing each image or listening to the small voice to trigger a mental image with a new breath again allowing the gap to create an entirely unfamiliar impression that comes between the gap of image impulses.  Listen to the construction of image or story from the empty mind of sunyata (beginners mind) or the poetics of juxtaposing mental with the visual, a symbol with a line – Catch a poem!

With Chant and sound and poetry, the breath again fills the space of impressions through the vibrations of the chant.


A Nadazul Haiku


Observe, observe, see, allow

Enter into falling.
In an instant, act


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