Journey into imaginal realms
Journey into imaginal realms
Enter into artful beauty NADAZUL Journey into imaginal realms & iconic spaces
Enter into artful beautyNADAZULJourney into imaginal realms & iconic spaces


Jose' Saïd Osio is a curator-editor, image maker of Nadazul Gallery its mission bringing into ONES space art that brings a deeper sense of grace. He is also a publisher and a Sacred Passages Death Doula/hospice volunteer and educator in the Death Literacy movement. 


He is an engaged visual artist and has been trained in imagery and alchemical retreats/meditation and was a student for over thirty years with the late Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan.  His teacher Pir Vilayat had a strong creative influence on Saïd’s inner imaginal body of work in that the role of performance, ritual, and healing were the building blocks, metaphors, montages, songs, visual landscapes, and stories … that lived in his teacher who incorporated music and theatre in his body of teachings and producing in Saïd a LIMINAL PLAYGROUND or landscapes/pattern language of the soul as creative intelligence. Seminal influences are Meher Baba (The Ancient One) and his quintessential works on death and reincarnation, Terry Tempest Williams as a living manifestation of a voice for our time in Death Literacy and eco-theology, Thomas Merton the Monk that played bongos and loved Sufis and Henri Nouwen who was a living human document. Currently, answering the call for social justice and the call of our Gaia planet to engage in engaged artful activism bringing to the community experiences that engage one to embrace the conversation of living and dying as well as with faith communities, health professionals creating presentations and shows that stir awakening in the sacred in the everyday challenges of being and suffering.



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