NADAZUL Art in the Imaginal Realms
NADAZULArt in the Imaginal Realms
Bio /Jose Said Osio Artist and Publisher of Third Messenger
A senior teacher, artist, and retreat guide trained by late Sufi master Pir Vilayat Khan in the Alchemical Retreat process. Said, as a visual artist/poet (image maker) has been using inner art as a catalyst for deeper awakening and healing. Incorporating in this journal creative experience will be practices; an embodiment of love, harmony and beauty as the path for active imagination / creative intelligence and of Ira Progoff’s process work in journaling. Additionally, Said will be sharing actual journals that embody principles found in sacred schools which he calls metaphoric–hymns and pattern language, including poetry and sound practices which are part of his “nadazul” work (see his Said lives his Cottage of the Doves –Sanctuaria in Asheville North Carolina .

Said Osio's works are his expression of a life long encounter into creating iconic art; a seeking of a deeper immersion into art made of found objects to found images in a cross cultural and cross spiritual vein. He sees two dimensions that are expressions of his work that of Postmodern Tankas and Stained Walls or urban landscapes with embedded iconic impressions as stained windows into the sacred in everyday life. His other works include mixed media and sculpture. He was born in Los Angeles in 1944 and has lived in Miami, Boulder, San Franscisco/ (Marin County) .

He founded both nadazul , the guided imagery collective and soon to be launched The Third Messenger - as an outgrowth of his experiences consulting design professionals regarding, creativity, strategy and organizational dynamics. He is now a patient navigator working at the intersection in creativity in the healing healthcare profession with a primary focus on a form of creative energy that incorporates a visual language and storytelling, healing, spirit mind-body and integrative medicine.

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