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Healing and imagery are nadazul's deeper new purpose. Learning how to access the spirit of creative imagination so one can celebrate in the radical mysteries of divine intelligence as a healing modality

Can you, in your creative mind, see with the eyes of the blind man, asks the oracle? Nadazul's new direction is a journey into the landscape of the creative mind and is for deepening in healing awareness that is emerging out of the collective thought of a number of compassionate thinkers across a wide tapestry of disciplines within the healing arts, new medias, and medicine. It’s a shifting of perspectives and influences shaping the next order of wellness and self care.

A study in emergent visual /contextual languaging

Nadazul's tools and future workshop's will explore new modalities , and engage imagery/symbols or simply juxtaposing adaptive modes of using guided imagery and related practices. Practices adapting and infused with emerging cognitive findings and body-mind studies , a collective shift of the language of imagery that is influencing a new cross section of complementary alternative modalities.

It's rooted in the wisdom traditions and practices of schools whose core teachings revolve on inner seeing. It plays at improvising visual maps, the poetics of sensing and exercises working in sound and breath and a re-mixing across cultural boundaries - an inter-play of breath and sign.

It’s mission is to lead by broadening the creative mind and shift perspectives to build gentle bridges to vaster awareness and to enter into activities new and unexplored to each of us for the single purpose of healing self, community and the planet..

“Delve Mold Pile the language of the earth

Work on, age after age, nothing is to be lost”


New Creative healing workshops in the art of selfless witnessing began in 2011

Nadazul's new workshop's intend to offer practices for all from health practitioners, caregivers, patients, general community that are inspired to explore the creative mind towards a deeper witnessing, a sensing, seeing, awareness into evolving healing forces.

- a type of natural drift - ecology of visual creative intelligence, an art of suspension of current models for thinking and visualization.

Nadazul is about integrating new centers, fields of collective intelligence, aspects of our natural cellular biology, language and psychological models of self and creative intelligence. It enters the newly discovered body-mind eco-system.

Nadazul, an ocean to swim, to submerge, to embody unexplored spaces. In summary, it invites one to vitalize states of creative compassion and creative intelligence or imagination for the professional healthcare worker and seekers of new forms of healing using guided Imagery and related practices.

About / Q & A


What is the purpose of these future Workshops?

WORKSHOP ARE BOTH EXPERIENTIAL AND EXPERIMENTAL. IT IS AN OUTCROPPING OF THE NADAZUL ENCOUNTER which is a journey into sacred landscapes.To explore an adventerous interior journey into states that illumine one's intuitive creative imagination by accessing sacred reservoirs of Divine intelligence through a process grounded in sensitizing the self. THROUGH A PROGRESSION OF STATES OF SUBTLE AWAKENING AND THEN JUXTAPOSING THOSE STATES INTO A VISUAL MAPPING IN JOURNAL FORM.

Are there expected outcomes that one can bring back into one's creative process?

A tangible by-product is a visual collection mapped into a journal. By acquainting one with novelty a form of the unexpected triggering creative potential that resides in states of deep consciousness as compared to more emotional and mental states of awareness i.e. that reside in the etheric body or energy fields one can evolve ones creative sensibility and draw on these pools of creative imagination for awakening the inner healer. Also the workshop will have a period to actualize creative expression in the development of art that will be a reminder of these states.

Why call it a journey?

The indwelling of spirit is always an experience - one is provoked by the new. A new creation a new awakening.

The intent is not one of desiring states for accessing surface inputs but allowing a transcending of the ordinary, tapping the source, bringing forth the new, a jolt out of habitual patterns into the unexpected. The dance/play of the conscious and subtle bodies often produce paradoxical, surprising, absurd even miraculous effects.

The process of the alchemical stages ( a training that was a taught by the late son of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the great Sufi teacher Pir Vilayat Khan) is both allegorical and a reference to map making in that it references states of belief and states of seeing. What one can't see one can't enter. They can be likened to the Zen practice of the Art of Archery in that it embodies an integrated sprit, mind and body awareness to release one from exercises where one works at engaging in degrees of efforting in order to develop learning's and behaviors - a deepening through surrender.

Like the Art of Archery where the release of the arrow is achieved by non doing one achieves a direct experience by discovering fields of energy through sensitizing inner states that have direct resonance with ones deepest subtle body that is actualized through a series of five practices beginning with reframing mind states through to breath, sound or vibration, light/color and patterns or energy forms. By then tapping into this field one can draw direct inspiration from which to create.

" I give you the end

of a golden thread,

only wind it into a ball,

it will lead you in at Heavens Gate,

built in Jerusalem's wall " Blake

Throughout time beings have journeyed into the darkness , caves, shadow and now fields. Traditions have known this and thus spiritual practice has been a vehicle to explore these paradoxs beyond states of knowing and desire for outcomes by tapping into sublime and subtle reserves. Our collective consciousness is constantly flowing. A dynamic matrix of forces, patterns. Sensing these empty spaces that give way to gravity and attraction is heightened by practice melting the ice caps of the captive mind and brings light to creative imagination. Ones being is the creative enclosure the cell that becomes the catalyst to engage the artist in a form of inner imaginal creativity.

When the soul wishes to experience something

What is journeying into imaginal space?

An indepth exploration; a taste of the potential for merging into developmental transformation in migrating home in the creative formation into landscapes of creative imagination. In essence it is a return to original suchness.

she throws an image of the experience out before

 her and enters into her own image"

Meister Eckhart

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