NADAZUL Art in the Imaginal Realms
NADAZULArt in the Imaginal Realms

Enter the Imaginal realms

Journey into Metaphoric landscapes of being

Welcome into nadazul Imaginal space for seekers feeling the call of imagery. After a few years hiatus and the creation of thirdmessenger Nadazul will be my gateway for imaginal landscaps and workshops in WNC.. Please enjoy the site.

The nadazul Journey is for those seeking a deepening of their creative expression - embedded states of heightened visual healing intelligence

Artist Statement:

Writing in landscape landscapes write in you... J Halifax

Creating art is a gift and these works as an art form strive to become artifacts, creations calling forth an intoning of a visual ambiance of the sacred.

These works are a remix or hyper content that is to say a conjoining of works or found images, mosaics of bits broken away from other works and refitted, juxtaposed from my own experience. They explore the active inner creative nature as story telling in a neo-urban world … as iconic graphical montages that induce inquiry, questions about identity, belonging, suffering, mortality, awakening, human relations and one’s relation to planes of hidden reality.

Works that are influenced as a creative commons sans borders. An evolving collective of image formation without ownership or restriction, an open range of imagery with no fences, only open grazing landscapes. The image palette as the stuff of pre-consciousness, embedded primordial matter, walls, decay, a Wabi-Sabi (Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience, as impermanence and imperfection.) As creative flows as magical and mysterious territory (landscapes) of subjectivity. These inscapes as narratives strive at being condensed in rare aesthetic beauty, allied forces of fictional elements in close proximity to the narrative.

Newer works are urbanized In-scapes, a form of magic theatre that flows from within my Hispanic colonial catholic rearing and interest in the passion and suffering depicted in religious iconography, as well as pre-colonial religious tinted by an anglo-ized mythology.

As re-mixes these works contain layers teasing out a mystic reverence to what is called the IMAGINAL realms of creative imagination. Images have properties that invoke in-sight. Similar to craftsman artist share an intimacy with image and symbol. The historian of science Cyril Smith points to relational imagery, it was craftsmen and not scientists who first understood the properties of out metals, “it was the human metalworkers’ intense intimacy with their material that enabled them, rather than (the less hands-on) scientists, to be the ones to first discover the polycrystalline structure of non-organic matter.” And so it is with artist and viewer. So our discovery awaits!

New Works as Re-MIx or Hyper-Images

These creative imaginal works follows Epstein’s Hyper - authorship model “I also can imagine a journal (i.e work ) inviting the contributions of transpersonal authors/artists and elaborating the theory of hyper-authorship. The title might be TBA meaning - trans biological authorship - and at the same time - To Be Announced - an abbreviation for something that has not yet and perhaps never will be determined”. As Non local borrowing of a magical active imaginational intelligence.

“Now let's have done with the reductive concept of authorship as only "biological" authorship limited by the input ofthe author as a living individual. There are many sorts and degrees of non-biological--psychological, intellectual, inspirational, magical authorship” from Yasusada by Mikhail Epstein


Vision to create with the eyes of evolving Intelligence healing energies

Mission to submerge into the realms of new Visual languaging for healing

Purpose to enrich lives through creating luminous healing states and spaces

Its purpose as bring to the forefront of healing arts the art of inner healing dimensions.
It is masterfully stated byDt Suzuki

"when an art presents in a most profound and creative manner, it moves us to the depth of our being; art then becomes a divine work."

The greatest production of art, whether painting, music, sculpture or poetry, have invariably through imagination / imagery this quality, something approaching the work of God. The artist healer, at the moment when her creativeness is at its height, is transformed into an agent of the creator. This supreme moment in the life of an artist, of the shaman, of the practitioner, of the healer.

The Art of healing is something

greater and higher

than our own adroitness

and although produced

by human hands, is not

created by these hands

alone, but by something

which wells up from a deeper

source in our souls"

Modified version of saying by Vincent Van gogh
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